Mystery film to premiere

Mystery film to premiere

Napping Kid, financed by the Film Production Grant Scheme, will premiere in Hong Kong this evening.

A government subsidy of $1.37 million contributed to the film’s $6.89 million budget.

The film is directed by Amos Why and stars David Siu, Ng Siu-hin and Cecilia So.

Adapted from the novel of the same name, the story centres on a blackmail case in which an international investment bank is threatened with the public disclosure of a confidential file if it refuses to pay a ransom. The bank seeks the discreet help of a police officer who gradually discovers the case is not as simple as it appears to be.

Thirteen film projects were approved with total funding of $22.66 million by the Film Production Grant Scheme which was launched in November 2015 and ended in February 2018.


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